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Volunteer-dB is a MySQL front end written in PHP that is used to track volunteer hours. It was originally written for tracking parent volunteer hours in a public school. All you need is a functioning webserver with a MySQL database and PHP - in short, a standard LAMP server.

It uses a simple tracking form (see below) for the volunteer to pick their name, provide a number of hours and description of the activity. After submission, the information is written into a temporary table. The volunteer adminstrator can then approve or reject the volunteer hours.

The Backend allows the volunteer coordinator to approve hours and run various reports. Try it out!

Reports are included which show the volunteer administrator who is volunteering and for what. A top 10 list is included, as well as listings for date ranges, listings for individual volunteers, and more. A monthly summary report that breaks down total volunteer hours by category is also included. Currently, the category types are fixed, but I would like to make them customizable for the application. The entire application is easy to use for all parties - volunteers, coordinators, and system administrators.

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